Edmontonian’s clothing company celebrates the city’s rich sports history

Edmonton’s first championship team was the Edmonton Grays, which won the Western Canadian Baseball League championship in 1909.

The Grays were Reed Clarke’s first piece of apparel when he started the Ross Flats clothing company, as part of an MBA project on entrepreneurship.

Now the Edmonton vintage sports apparel company has a number of basketball, baseball and hockey teams on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. The list continues to grow as people bring forward different championship teams from our area.

“The comments that I get that I really love from people, is that it takes them back to memories from childhood,” Clarke said.

“Going to see a baseball game, whether it’s the Trappers — or going to a hockey game to see the Flyers — it really brings up some great memories for people.”

It could be a trip down memory lane, or a good lesson in what came before the modern-day sports Edmontonians know and love.

“It’s really surprising to see how many teams have actually won national championships, league championships, provincial,” said Clarke. ”

“It really shows this city is the city of champions”

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