ASK IRA: Is there rhyme or reason over so many Heat injuries at once? – The Denver Post

Q: Ira, I go to the doctor and have to wait hours, if I can get an appointment. The Heat have doctors come to them. So how can they always be so hurt? – Peter.

A: First, because while not the NFL, the NBA still can be a physical, at-times-violent game. So when Bam Adebayo slams hand to rim, sometimes the rim wins. And when Tyler Herro slips on a wet spot, sometimes the Achilles takes the brunt. As for Caleb Martin, when you attempt to push through injury, as he did with his quadriceps, sometimes the quadriceps pushes back. And with Kyle Lowry, there almost is an expectation that older players, seemingly older point guards in particular, have to deal with a greater degree of soreness; just ask Chris Paul. As for Omer Yurtseven and Duncan Robinson, surgery stops for no man. It’s not as if X-rays and MRIs lie. So, as much as anything, just a convergence of anything that can go wrong has been going wrong. The motto of the 2022-23 Miami Heat: Wrong place, wrong time.

Q: Mechanics do get mad sometimes. – S.D.

A: And players certainly have that right. But it crosses the line when you complain about playing time in the middle of the game and then storm off. That’s where a line has to be drawn with Dewayne Dedmon, not through league sanction, but by the Heat. It will be interesting to see how Erik Spoelstra plays this going forward.

Q: Ira, starting with you, we need an apology for Duncan Robinson. The man had been playing with four fingers on his shooting hand and still contributing. That’s your Heat Culture right there. – Franklin.

A: First, Duncan Robinson’s perseverance is laudable, considering that he had been playing through a torn ligament in a finger on his shooting hand for more than two months, and actually eventually had been playing quite well. When you look back, it says plenty about why one of the truest strokes in the sport wasn’t nearly as true. What the surgery did was provide hope that a healthy Duncan Robinson once again will soon enough be capable of a healthier 3-point percentage.


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