Suella Braverman ‘hasn’t done anything wrong’ insists Mr Loophole

Rishi Sunak quizzed by BBC on Suella Braverman speeding row

Rishi Sunak has “full confidence” in Suella Braverman after claims she involved civil servants in a speeding ticket row.

The Home Secretary is said to have asked civil servants to organise a private one-to-one driving awareness course after she broke the speed limit last summer.

When they refused, she allegedly asked a political aide to help her avoid attending a course with other motorists.

Lawyer Nick Freeman, known as Mr Loophole, said: “She hasn’t done anything wrong. I’ve arranged private courses for several high-profile clients. In fact, course providers prefer it as it is less disruptive.

“If Suella Braverman had a lawyer, [there] wouldn’t have been political fallout due to confidentiality.”

Labour on Sunday claimed this could be a breach of the Ministerial Code and demanded the Prime Minister launch an investigation.

But Mr Sunak did not express unequivocal support for Ms Braverman when asked three times at a press conference in Hiroshima during the G7 summit.

The PM said: “I don’t know the full details of what has happened nor have I spoken to the Home Secretary.

“I understand she’s expressed regret for speeding, accepted the penalty and paid the fine.” A No10 spokeswoman later insisted he does “of course” have full confidence in his Home Secretary.

Mr Sunak is expected to speak to Ms Braverman and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case on his return from the G7 meeting.

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Home Office officials refused her request to help because they were concerned it would breach Civil Service rules, which state they must not interfere in personal matters.

Ms Braverman then allegedly turned to a political aide to assist her.

When the course provider said there was no option to do a private course, she paid the fine and accepted the points.

Ms Braverman was caught speeding outside London last summer while Attorney General. Cabinet colleague Therese Coffey said the first she knew about it was reading the Sunday newspapers, but Tory MP Jake Berry said there were “definitely questions to be answered”.

It comes as some MPs are ­furious about what they believe is the Home Secretary positioning herself for a leadership challenge.

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