‘Sturgeon’s carrot to EU’ Britons rage at SNP plot to use fishing to ‘break up UK’

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The Scottish Government has stated it will keep close to the policy and engage actively with the EU over any future plans. Despite the CFP crippling British fishing fleets since its inception in the 1970s, the Scottish Government launched its Future Fisheries Management Strategy. Upon discovering Ms Sturgeon’s plans to keep alignment with the EU, Express.co.uk readers expressed their fury at her “carrot” to break up the Union.

One person commented: “And so the Scottish waters which are British waters are the Sturgeon carrot to the EU in her quest to break up the United Kingdom.

“This Sturgeon traitor does not speak for Scotland and has no right to be talking to the EU.

“She should be removed from office and tomorrow would not be soon enough.”

A second said: “The SNP have now reached new depths of insanity, they’re going to actively enforce EU policies that are detrimental to the livelihood of Scottish fishermen.”

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A third said: “The strategy she is following is so basic that anyone with an ounce of grey matter can see right through it.

“She does not care about fishing or the Scottish fishermen/women.

“All she sees is an opportunity to set up borders between England and Scotland.

“She never missed an opportunity to create borders where there are none.”

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A fourth said: “British fishing which includes Scotland has been decimated by the EU.

“Does she really think Scotland would be treated any better by the EU if they went alone.”

Within the new strategy presented by the Scottish Government will be a framework to improve quota management processes.

There will also be a licensing regime to manage domestic foreign vessels fishing in Scotland’s waters.

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Although Scotland has published this plan, it is unclear how it will function with the UK out of the EU.

While the SNP is keen to maintain some alignment on fisheries with the EU, UK fishermen have been starkly impacted by the CFP.

Under the CFP, EU member states are given equal access to fishing zones across Europe’s exclusive economic zone.

Due to the rich fishing waters around the UK, British fishermen have insisted it has allowed EU fleets to exploit the waters.

Scotland’s pursuit of alignment with the EU comes as Ms Sturgeon declared her intent to return to the bloc next year.

In an interview with European journalists, Ms Sturgeon stated Scotland “would be coming home” following a referendum vote next year.

The SNP has set out plans to hold a referendum next year if they win the Holyrood elections next May.

Despite claims the bloc is not keen on additional member states, Ms Sturgeon said: “Scotland’s accession is not an enlargement.

“We have been members for most of my life.

“Scotland is coming home, this is not a new beginning.

“We can act as a bridge between the UK and the EU, bringing people together.”

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