SNP conference LIVE: Sturgeon to ambush Boris with ‘major’ independence bombshell TODAY

Martin Lewis grills Nicola Sturgeon over independence bid

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Today marks the final day of the SNP’s four-day virtual conference and Nicola Sturgeon is due to address her supporters and confront Boris Johnson with what is expected to be a major independence bombshell. The SNP intends to hold a second Scottish independence referendum despite only one major poll indicating the country would be in favour of the action since April. The First Minister is expected to use her final speech to pressure Westminster into cooperating with her party’s demands, saying “democracy must – and will – prevail”.

The SNP has used the conference to outline plans for combatting climate change, rebuilding from coronavirus and next year’s local council elections but has mainly focused on its commitment to a second independence referendum.

Members voted by a staggering 535 votes to 10 in favour of another vote “as soon as it is safe to hold a proper, detailed, serious national debate on independence”, without specifying what constitutes such a time.

Ms Sturgeon has defended her decision to pursue a second Scottish independence referendum despite the promise the 2014 vote would be a “once in a generation” event.

In the days leading up to her bombshell speech at 11.50am today, she justified the second referendum by taking aim at Brexit and by pointing out that her party won the highest percentage of the vote ever seen in Scottish politics in the last election.


Leaving Union would be Brexit times ten, says Sturgeon adviser

Leaving the Union would be ten times worse than Brexit, according to one of Nicola Sturgeon’s own top advisors. 

Mark Blyth, professor of international economics at the Watson Institute of Brown University in Rhode Island, said that the idea of a second independence referendum had come as a result of Brexit. 

Mr Blyth said: “If your argument is that we need to do this because of Brexit, then Scotland separated from England is the biggest Brexit in history.

“The last time Scotland was fully economically independent, the word capitalism hadn’t been uttered.

“[The Union] has been together for over 300 years.

“So, if pulling apart 30 years of economic integration with Europe is going to hurt, 300 is going to hurt a lot.”

SNP accuses Tories of ‘taking back control’ of Scotland in power grab

The SNP has accused the Conservatives of “taking back control” of Scotland in a power-grab. 

“We must choose better”, urges the party. 

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