Royal Mail boss left red faced after aide spotted ‘writing answers’

Royal Mail CEO appears to be fed answers during BBC interview

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The Royal Mail CEO has been in a long-running despite over postal workers’ pay with Communication Workers Union and appeared on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday to argue the management’s case. An eagle-eyed view pointed out a reflection behind the CEO which appears to be a staffer attempting to feed Mr Thompon’s answers, CWU were quick to share footage of the reflection in a viral video. 

The enhanced video released by CWU appears to show the aide’s silhouette as they write “answers on a board” for the Rail Mass boss.

CWU tweeted out the clip with the message: “We have spotted something during Simon Thompson’s car crash interview on the BBC this morning.

“Having zoomed in, someone is in the room writing answers on a board for him.

“Pack your bags, Thompson. It’s time to go.”

Mr Thompson’s interview was later declared a “car crash” by BBC breakfast viewers with a recording going viral online. 

The Royal Mail CEO began: “This morning on my way in I was listening to one of our customers.

“One of our customers from a company called Biscuiteers, who said that what we are doing to provide seven-day delivery of parcels for next day delivery as well, is doing absolutely the right thing.

“But they were also very, very clear that what is currently planned in terms of industrial action up until Christmas is going to be very disruptive to their business.”

Royal Mail CEO discusses strike action

BBC’s Jon Kay asked: “You say you’re doing everything possible to avoid the worst of this strike…the CWU say that you personally didn’t even turn up for the last stage of talks. Is that right?”

“Well, I think that that is not true,” Simon replied as Jon interrupted: “You were at the last stage of the talks?”

Mr Thompson insisted: “We had three weeks of talks with Acas, which I was very involved with, including over the weekend.

“And I think we have put our final offer to the CWU, we made 11 concessions based on the feedback from our team, and I am available at any time at all.”

“To make sure that we can discuss the exact content of that [and] to make sure that it’s understood,” he added.

“And I would really encourage the CWU to pause and think about what it is they’re doing to cancel this strike action.”

Viewers hit out at the Royal Mail CEO’s apparent willingness to avoid the BBC host’s questions. 

Steve Arnold fumed: “Steve Thompson embarrassing himself on #BBCBreakfast this morning. Can’t answer a simple question.” (sic)

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