POLL: Should Scotland be allowed to hold another independence referendum?

Nicola Sturgeon blasted for endless quest for independence

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In recent weeks Nicola Sturgeon has renewed calls for a second Scottish independence referendum in the current parliamentary term, proposing a vote by the end of next year. Her Government is expected to publish a legislative timetable on the delivery of this soon.

However, there have been calls to drop plans for the referendum, with the cost of living soaring and security concerns following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Former SNP communications chief Kevin Pringle said it was “unlikely” a referendum would happen within Ms Sturgeon’s planned time frame “given the hurdles to be overcome” 

He said, writing in the Sunday Times: “It is unwise to make any definite predictions in such volatile times, but it seems reasonable to say out loud that an independence referendum is unlikely to take place by the end of next year, given the hurdles to be overcome and extensive preparations required.

“I don’t think the war in Ukraine has changed this, in the sense that it was no more likely before the Russian invasion and all the destruction and instability being wrecked.”

He added: “A referendum is a means to an end, nothing more. If the Scottish Government pursues it within a tight 2023 timescale that people are uncomfortable with, even assuming it doesn’t happen then, the task of building support for independence itself may be undermined.”

But former Foreign Office adviser David Clark claims Scotland’s case for independence has “only been strengthened by Putin’s aggression”.

He said on Twitter:  “My own view, as another solitary foreign policy analyst, has only been strengthened by Putin’s aggression. 

“In the context of Brexit, Scotland’s best contribution can be made as an independent member state of the EU and NATO.”

His comments come after Dr Jonathan Eyal, of the Royal United Services Institute argued independence would be “exactly” what Putin would want, as it would distract the UK Government. 

Ms Sturgeon previously held an independence referendum in September 2014 whereby 55-45 percent voted in favour of staying in the United Kingdom.

So what do YOU think? Should Scotland be allowed to hold another independence referendum? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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