Penny Mordaunt strong favourite for PM – ‘would slaughter Labour’

Penny Mordaunt quotes Thatcher in Tory leadership speech

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Eight MPs took part in the first ballot of the Tory leadership contest with six remaining in the second round of voting on Thursday. readers have shared who they would like to lead the country in a poll that ran from 10am on Wednesday, July 13 to 9am on Thursday, July 14, which asked: “Who do you want to win Tory leadership contest?”

Overall, 5,673 readers cast their votes with Ms Mordaunt coming out as the most popular candidate with a strong 57 percent (3,242 people) of the vote.

In second place was Foreign Secretary Liz Truss with 17 percent (988 people). 

This was followed by Kemi Badenoch with eight percent (433 people) and Attorney General Suella Braverman with seven percent (422 people). 

A further four percent (201 people) backed former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, while three percent (158 people) supported Tom Tugendhat.

In addition, one percent (37 people) voted for former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and just 26 people supported Nadhim Zahawi.

Former Health Secretary Mr Hunt and Mr Zahawi – who have now been eliminated from the race – won the backing of one percent (37 people and just 26 people respectively.

Three percent of readers (166 people) answered “other”.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers discussed who they were supporting.

Many were in favour of Ms Mordaunt being the next Tory leader and Prime Minister.

Username al mancha said: “Got to be Penny for me, she would slaughter Labour at the next election, but she also has good policy ideas to bring the UK back on track.”

Username Welshjan said: “Penny Mordaunt for me. Intelligent, sharp wit, Brexiteer, classy.”

And username ForsdykeMontague said: “I’ve switched from Truss to Mordaunt after her charismatic performance today. Ticks all the boxes. I think she can win over voters from all parts of the country.”

Meanwhile, some readers supported a female Prime Minister succeeding Mr Johnson.

Username Philip M1 said: “We need a woman, someone who can succeed like Maggie.”

Another, username KittyP said: “I think Liz Truss is straight speaking and has been loyal. 

“I would also like to see more of Suella Braverman, she sounds like my sort of woman. I wish these two ladies the best of luck.”


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While username Aasvogel said: “Braverman for PM. Badenoch as her No 2.”

Despite winning the support of the most MPs, 88 votes, in the first ballot, support for Mr Sunak was absent.

Username Servative said: “I do not want Rishi Sunak as the next PM.”

And username leicfox said: “Anybody know someone who wants Rishi as everyone I have talked to has been a definite no.”

Tory MPs will take part in a second round ballot between 11.30am and 1.30pm on Thursday, July 14.

Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 Committee is due to announce the result at 3pm with the candidate with the lowest number of supporters eliminated.

Further rounds will take place until two finalists remain to go head to head.

The new Prime Minister is expected to take office on September 5 but Mr Johnson will continue to lead Parliament over the summer recess.

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