Meghan is USAs second worst export but White House bid is possible

Harry and Meghan: US media responds to Netflix documentary

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Social media company GETTR boss Jason Miller, a close ally of Donald Trump, has told that a Presidential bid by Meghan Markle on the back of her controversial Netflix series with Prince Harry is now “not far fetched”. Mr Miller, who played a key role in Trump’s 2016 and 2020 White House bids, warned a lack of talent on the “Democrat’s bench” and a desire to move on from Joe Biden could open the door for a wildcard candidate like the Duchess of Sussex.

Speaking on a visit to London to promote his GETTR social media platform, Mr Miller condemned the Netflix series featuring the Sussexes which has gripped the world this week.

But he warned that while it had provoked fury in the UK, it was being much better received in the USA.

Scenes such as Meghan Markle mocking the late Queen while her husband looked on awkwardly have been greeted with horror in Britain.

Mr Miller said: “The Meghan and Harry story is a train wreck happening in real time which you can’t stop watching. I think it is a dose of financial greed, narcissism and a sad reflection on society today when you have someone from the Royal family and a C list Hollywood actress that are so self-absorbed that they are bringing dishonour to the monarchy itself.

“As I have said before, when you marry into the Royal family or you are born into it, you check much of your individuality at the door and there seems to be from Harry’s end a great deal of jealousy perhaps at being relegated to the spare role.

“But it is hard not to see that Meghan is fuelling much of that dissent and becoming a massive embarrassment to not just the Royal family but to the USA.”

He added: “I would say Meghan Markle is the USA’s second worst export ever after wokeism.”

Mr Miller warned that the Sussexes home state of California could end up being a perfect launching pad for a woman who rumours have been circulating wants to make a bid for the White House.

He said: “Here’s a scary thought. The coverage in the USA is decidedly better than it is here in the UK.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan Markle harboured political ambitions and as far fetched as it might sound from this side of the Pond, there are a lot of crazy places in the USA such as California that might actually buy what she is selling.”

He went on: “I don’t think it is a coincidence that they have set up residence in California, one of the most liberal states in the entire USA where her brand of self-absorption, narcissism and liberalism is greatly embraced.

“Not that far fetched when you look at the coverage in the US.”

Mr Miller said that the problem for the Democrats is a lack of candidates to make a bid in 2024.

Even though he is an “unabashed Trump supporter” he acknowledges that there as many as a dozen potential Republicans who “would make excellent candidates”.

He said: “You look at the Democrat side the most under reported story in American politics today is that establishment Democrats are terrified at the thought of having Joe Biden as their nominee in 2024 at which point, he will be 82.

“I can’t imagine he will be performing any sharper mentally and what the impact would be on the rest of the tickets around the country, particularly if inflation remains at its near 50 year high. Biden used to be a gaffe machine.

“When you look at the Democrats’ bench, they don’t have much. Kamala Harris has worse figures than Joe Biden.”


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Mr Miller went on: “Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary, may be a darling of beltway insiders but he is not going to sell at a meaningful level around the country.”

He suggested California governor Gavin Newsome or one of the other governors could be the choice “but all of those are reaches.”

He added: “It definitely opens the door for a wild card candidate.”

Previously, polling by the Washington DC based Democracy Institute has shown that Meghan Markle has large support among Democrats.

Ms Markle came out top of potential female candidates with 27 percent ahead of Ms Harris on 25 percent and Hillary Clinton on 20 percent.

Many believe that the Democrats will select a woman for the next Presidential election in 2024.

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