Lord Frost ‘thinking’ about becoming MP as former Brexit negotiator eyes Tory comeback

Brexit: Lord Frost outlines ‘political difficulty’

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Lord Frost was cornered by radio host Iain Dale who demanded to know whether the UK’s former chief Brexit negotiator fancied running as a Member of Parliament. Lord Frost was at one stage tipped to throw his hat into the ring for the Honiton and Tiverton by-election in Devon following the so-called Tractor-gate scandal with led to the downfall of the Conservative MP Neil Parish.

LBC host Dale asked the former Brexit negotiator: “There’s been a lot of speculation that you might have stood in the Tiverton and Hoveton by-election. and obviously, you haven’t done that.

“But is it part of your long term plan to maybe stand for the House of Commons and resign your seat in the House of Lords?

Lord Frost replied: “Well, I was a bit surprised by the speculation to be honest.

“I didn’t leave kind of expecting a kind of afterlife.”

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He added: “But people are speculating and people have asked, and a lot of people have been quite supportive of the idea.

“So we’ll see if the opportunity arises and it might and it might not, we’ll see.

Mr Dale noted: “You have to be on the conservative approved candidates to do that, is that your intention to apply to go on that?

“So as I say, we’re not at that point yet,” replied Lord Frost.

Lord Frost says Brexit protocol must go

Mr Dale pressed: “But you’re thinking about it?”

“I am thinking about it, yeah sure,” confirmed Lord Frost. 

It followed a call from the former Brexit minister for previously announced rises to national insurance and corporation tax to be reversed, warning they were “not Conservative” and were “undermining growth and prosperity”.

His view that the Government needs to move on to a tax-cutting agenda in order to shore up Mr Johnson’s leadership is reportedly shared by some in the Cabinet.

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Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph reported that allies of the Prime Minister were urging him to replace Mr Sunak with former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Hunt – who was runner-up to Mr Johnson in the 2019 leadership election and is expected to stand again if there is another contest – infuriated some in the Cabinet when he announced he would be voting for “change” in the confidence vote.

However, the Telegraph said proponents of the idea argue that bringing back his rival into the Cabinet would help stabilise Mr Johnson’s leadership, heal rifts within the party while binding Mr Hunt to the Prime Minister’s agenda.

Under current party rules, Mr Johnson is safe now from another formal confidence vote, although the backbench 1922 Committee could potentially rewrite the regulations if there is renewed pressure for change.

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