Labour Greenpeace by-election candidate unmasked days after Sunak house stunt

Sky News: Greenpeace protest at Rishi Sunak’s home

Labour’s candidate in Nadine Dorries’s Bedfordshire seat, where a by-election is expected to take place later this year, has been unmasked as a Greenpeace activist.

The news comes days after the group stormed Rishi Sunak’s North Yorkshire home for an environmental stunt, causing outrage and security concerns.

The Government has cut off all contact with the green lobbyists since the protest.

Alistair Strathern, 33, is revealed to have posed as a zombie as part of an eco-stunt by the group outside the Home Office last November.

The revelation, revealed by The Sun, has prompted Net Zero secretary Grant Shapps to call on Sir Keir Starmer to ditch Mr Strathern as the party’s candidate.

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Mr Shapps has said: “One minute they are climbing the PM’s house, next they’ve got a Labour rosette on.

“Sir Keir Starmer must show he practises what he preaches for once, and block the eco-mob from his candidates list.”

Mr Strathern’s partner, Megan Corton-Scott, works as a political officer for Greenpeace.

She’s also held roles within the Labour Party, as a vice chair of London Young Labour, as well as having volunteered for Care4Calais, who this afternoon prevented 20 migrants from boarding the Bibby Stockholm barge.

Mr Strathern was also snapped outside Parliament rallying against laws designed to shut down Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion’s hated protests.

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A poll out this afternoon from Omnisis showed 60 percent of voters saying the protest by Greenpeace at Mr Sunak’s private family home was unacceptable.

Just 27 percent said it was fair game.

Despite the embarrassing links, Sir Keir is standing by his candidate for the moment.

The news is just the latest example of a close link between Sir Keir’s Labour Party and extreme eco groups.

In July it was revealed Sir Keir’s top MP aide Jess Morden had offered Just Stop Oil the opportunity to “come in and chat”, with activists from the group claiming she was “trying to sell us on how Labour is still driven” by environmental issues.

The party has also taken £1.5million from businessman Dale Vince over the last 10 years, who has also propped up the hated eco-warrior group.

Mr Vince said he wants “to influence policy”.

The Tories hope the environment can prove a wedge issue at the election, highlighting Labour’s plans to stop drilling for oil and warning it would cause blackouts.

Ms Dorries is yet to resign as an MP, despite saying she will do so after failing to secure a peerage in Boris Johnson’s resignation honours.

She will likely cause a by-election after the Commons’ Summer recess.

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