Labour councillor accused of offering to help illegal migrants stay in the UK

A Labour councillor has been accused of offering to help illegal migrants stay in Britain in a video posted on TikTok.

Immigration lawyer Irim Ali, who sits on Newcastle City Council, said she would assist anyone in the country who was “illegal”, “without a valid visa” or had “overstayed” make their case to the Home Office in the clip on the video-sharing app, where she has 21,000 followers.

Ms Ali, who is a cabinet member on the Labour-run council, has now deleted the video and a party source said she had been spoken to.

Former Ukip and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said: “Labour’s Irim Ali openly admits helping illegal migrants to stay in the UK, and even gives advice to submit applications based on human rights laws.

“Does Keir Starmer support the actions of this elected Labour councillor?”

Conservative Party deputy chairman Lee Anderson said it was an example of what made him leave Labour.

In the video, Ms Ali said: “Are you in the UK without a valid visa?

“Are you illegal or have you overstayed your visa?

“Do not fear, Irim Ali is here to help you regularise your vias in the UK and submit an application to the Home Office based on your human rights.

“It is extremely important to make sure you become legal in the UK.

“There is an extremely hostile environment for overstayers here so you must make sure that you can submit an application to the Home Office, become legal and be en route to indefinite leave to remain.

“So contact me, let’s have that conversation and work out what needs to be done to get your stay here in the UK.”

A Labour source said: “Irim Ali has been spoken to and acknowledges the language in the video wasn’t appropriate and she’s taken it down.”

A party spokesman added: “The Tories broke the asylum system – and the hotel bills are stinging the taxpayer for £6million every day.

“The Conservatives should stop taking the public for fools, stop blaming everyone else, and do their job.”

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