Keir Starmer has no policies for getting rid of woke

Keir Starmer insists Brexit agreement with EU is a ‘bad deal’

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Sir Keir Starmer provoked a clash of opinions on GB News on Sunday night as Ann Widdecombe accused him of having “no policies for getting rid of woke”. The former Conservative MP also took issue with Denis MacShane’s analysis that Sir Keir is providing “competent and steady management” after the political “drama king” Boris Johnson.

The pair spoke on Mark Dolan’s show, where the host questioned Mr MacShane as to whether Sir Keir had “the X factor”.

The former Labour MP for Rotherham answered: “He’s not a superstar in the sense of Tony Blair.

“He [Mr Blair] just calmly explained what needed to be done and his explanation was accepted by the country.

“In a very different way, if you like a bit like Joe Biden in the United States, steady and sure, we’re past the flash Harry moment in politics.

“The Berlusconis, the Boris Johnsons, the drama queens and drama kings, and people just want competent, steady management, taking decisions in the broad best interests of the country.”

However former Cabinet Minister Ms Widdecombe retorted: “First of all he’s in hoc to the unions and he hasn’t said anything about how he’s going to cope with strikes.

“Secondly he has got no clear policy at all on illegal immigration, which is now a serious concern for pretty well everybody in the country.

“He’s got no policies for getting rid of woke – in fact he’s adding to it!”

According to a poll conducted by Statista, the Labour party are currently on course to win a majority in the next general election.

Keir Starmer’s Labour would win 46 percent of the vote in comparison to Rishi Sunak’s Tories on 25 percent, as of January 2023.

Labour’s lead has narrowed slightly since Mr Sunak succeeded Liz Truss, a time which saw Tory approval ratings dip to their lowest since mid-2019.

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Since becoming Prime Minister in October last year Mr Sunak has faced a number of serious crises, from inflation to the cost of living crisis and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The next general election in the UK is scheduled for no later than January 2025.

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