Israel and Palestine warned of ‘more bloodshed’ in Gaza war – Neither side can stop

Israel-Palestine: Expert warns of ‘more bloodshed’ ahead

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The Middle East analyst was invited onto David Lammy MP’s chatshow on LBC to discuss the conflict which is currently raging between the Israeli military and armed groups in the Gaza strip. Fierce fighting has been ongoing for six days with airstrikes hitting militant targets in the Hamas-controlled terrorism, while militants respond with salvos of rockets at Israel. Mr Marsall told the Labour MP he fears that the chances of a lasting ceasefire are slim as ‘neither side can yet stop.’

The expert told LBC listeners: “I think we will see more bloodshed in the days ahead on both sides.

“I mean obviously one side is going to shed a lot more blood but everyone knew that going into it.

“When Hamas launched the first rockets they knew that they would suffer hundreds of dead.”

Following six days of fightings at least 139 people have been killed in Gaza while in Israel, seven people have been killed, including a 5-year-old boy. 

Mr Marshall continued: “I remember being in Gaza once with a Hamas commander who said you are so nieve you westerners. 

“You look at things in four-year terms, five-year electoral terms, we look at things in centuries and eventually we are going to win this.

“From their perspective, they must keep fighting.

“Now in a few days, unless there is a ground war, I think this will be over.”

Israel-Gaza: Air strike destroys building in Gaza City

He added: “But the Palestinians will lose a lot more and a lot more civilians, there will be some damage on the Israeli side.

“At some point, the Israelis will decide we have destroyed this network, those rocket launching sites depleted X Y and Z, killed some commanders.

“Hamas will have achieved its aims of showing to the Palestinian people it is the one that defends Palestine thus weakening the PA and Fatah in the West Bank.

“The hard cold cruel logic of it is, is that neither side can yet stop.”


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Mr Marshall said: “Hamas, I mean can you imagine they stop on Nakba day, the very day when they lost everything absolutely no way.

“Can Israel stop and say to its people well you know they are going to hit us again sometime in the future.

“There is this terrible terrible logic to it I mean it is madness but it is logical.

“God willing it is over by Monday that would be optimistic.”

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