Galloway attacks Starmer over ambiguous policy beliefs: ‘Moral principles of a jellyfish!’

Keir Starmer has 'moral principles of a jellyfish' says Galloway

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George Galloway spoke with caller Dan who rang up his Mother of all Talkshows and was simply asked for his opinions of Labour considering his history of being an MP for the party. But Mr Galloway made it clear he held his old party in no high regard as he attacked Labour and Sir Keir Starmer for not taking a strong stance on anything. Guest Patrick Christys also shared his thoughts on Labour and said the party did the opposite of everything they should be doing as he listed off their issues.

Speaking on the Mother of all Talkshows, caller Dan simply asked George Galloway and guest Patrick Christys their views on Labour and whether they think the party could ever win a general election. 

Mr Galloway said: “I don’t want them ever to win, I wish Labour perdition.

“But let’s hear what Patrick thinks, the Labour Party you in a way just summed up, is led by a man with the moral principles of a jellyfish.”

Mr Christys replied: “We’ve got a Labour Party led by a bloke who’s not done us the common courtesy of telling us what he thinks about anything – which is a bit of an issue right.

“So when you’re going to be asked to vote, we saw in the local elections where Labour got served and we’ve seen it numerous times as well, actually I think it’s catastrophic.

“I think it’s insulting the idea that you’re not actually telling us what it is you want to vote for.

“I’m not against the Labour Party what I am saying as a matter of kind of democratic principle if you stand for an election – people died for the right to vote.

“At the moment you can’t choose who to vote for because Keir Starmer is not telling you what it is you’re voting for.”

Mr Christys also alleged that Sir Keir was spending “a lot of money” on focus groups to better understand public opinion.

He added Labour needed to carry out several things if they are ever to win back working-class areas. 

Mr Christys explained: “You need to support this country, you need to back the Queen, you need to kind of be proud of the flag, sing the national anthem, don’t take the knee in my opinion.

“Keir Starmer seems to do the opposite of all of those things.”

Mr Galloway then interjected and suggested the alternative to Sir Keir could be Dawn Butler who was thrown out of the House of Commons for calling Prime Minister Boris Johnson a liar. 

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The term “liar” is considered unparliamentary language and can lead to MPs being thrown out of the House if they refuse to rescind their comments. 

Ms Butler referred to a video by journalist Peter Stefanovic who clipped together several instances Mr Johnson got his facts wrong at the dispatch box. 

Sir Keir backed Ms Butler for making the comments but also said it was right for the Speaker to throw her out. 

The Labour leader has also launched a “New Deal” which will focus on jobs and tackling crime in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

The details of the New Deal will be released over summer in what Labour hope will offer an alternative to the Conservatives.

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