‘Being robbed!’ LBC caller erupts at energy firms ‘making billions profit’

LBC caller erupts at Boris and energy firms ‘making billions profit’

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Rishi Sunak’s £15billion cost-of-living package to support low-income households with financial aid amid skyrocketing energy prices fails to address the real issue, according to an LBC caller. The caller says he fails to understand why energy consumers should be paying higher energy prices if energy companies are “making billions and billions” of profit. According to that caller’s theory, energy consumers should not be paying higher energy prices in the first place. Instead, eergy companies should be bearing the brunt of the costs. 

In a furious tirade, LBC caller lashed out: “I mean, we’re basically being robbed.

“The prices have gone up wild.

“If these companies are still making billions and billions of pounds’ profit, why have the prices gone up?

“In my opinion, this is just a self-tax.

“So, we’re paying it to the energy company, so they’re staying away from getting it into the companies.

“And then the government are taking it to do with what they want.”

LBC’s Shelagh Fogarty jumped in, saying: “So, again, you are the latest of many people over the last three-four weeks or so who’ve said: ‘never mind political announcements on this.

“Get the companies to do the right thing right now”, Ms Fogarty added.

The caller answered: “Yes, drop the price.”

“The price doesn’t need to be as high. I don’t understand why, why has it gone up?”, the caller asked.

“Nothing’s run out. Everything is still running. Nothing has changed from two years ago.

“It’s just mind-gambling – it really is.

“I think we’re being taken for a ride. People haven’t got a clue.”

Ms Forgaty then asked: “But you welcome the help that’s in it?”

“It’s not help”, the incredulous caller answered.

“It’s money that they are giving back to other people”, he said between chuckles.

Ms Forgaty then asked: “Well, the energy company, £400 less is still £400 less off your fuel bill, isn’t it?”

“What? No, don’t take off in the first place.

“It’s like what you see in the shops in high street where it says 50 percent off.

“Yeah, that’s great but what’s the original price?”

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“It really frustrates me when people seem to not read – I don’t know – the small print.

“We’re being robbed with our eyes open.

“You see it likes this, do you? Somebody takes £800 off you, gives you £400 and expects you to be grateful.

“Yeah, exactly that”, the caller responded.

“But why are people not seeing this?”

“Why are we not up in arms and protesting and striking and telling: ‘enough is enough’?”

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