BBC QT: Audience erupts after hilarious Jacob Rees-Mogg comment – ‘Steampunk C3P0’

Jacob Rees-Mogg is wrong to belittle Douglas says MP

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Scottish novelist Chris Brookmyre compared the Leader of the House of Commons to a “steampunk C3P0” in response to a question about the North East Somerset MPs recent comments. The Scottish writer hit out at Mr Rees-Mogg after he labelled Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross a “lightweight” figure on BBC Newsnight last week.

Mr Brookmyre said that even Boris Johnson doesn’t trust Mr Rees-Mogg with any degree of responsibility.

He said: “There is quite a degree of projecting about Jacob Rees-Mogg calling Douglas Ross a lightweight.

“Given that even Boris Johnson has trusted Jacob Rees-Mogg with nothing more than a role with etiquette and protocol.

“He’s some kind of steampunk of C3PO.”

Steampunk is a science fiction and fantasy subgenre that is inspired by the technology of the 19th century and C3P0 is a droid or robot in the fictitious Star Wars universe, who specialises in “human-cyborg relations”.

Upon hearing the comment, the audience erupted into a sea of laughter.

Mr Brookmyre continued saying that he wasn’t a fan of Douglas Ross particularly given the fact that the Scottish Tory leader also works as a referee.

He said: “He was profoundly disrespectful of Douglas Ross.

“Now I won’t pretend I’m a fan of Douglas Ross especially given some of the offside decisions he gave against St Mirren down the years.”

Showhost Fiona Bruce interjected by saying that refereeing in Scottish football matches was outside the frame of reference for the programme.

She said: “Let’s not get into that or we’ll be here all night.”

Mr Brookmyre concluded by arguing that Mr Rees-Mogg had “disrespected” the office of Scottish Tory leader.

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He said: “His office deserves some respect. Jacob Rees-Mogg disrespected the office of the Scottish Conservatives.

“That’s going to be a very hard thing for that party to walk back.”

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