Wild Eight-Wheeled, Four-Rotor Build Looks Like A Forgotten Batmobile

The goal is to get it running again.

The world has no shortage of unique, one-off automobiles. High-end automakers can thrive in this space, but not every custom car has an official automaker behind it. A new video posted to the Angel Motorsports YouTube channel shows one strange creation the shop hopes to get running again – an eight-wheels, four-rotor Batmobile-like build that’s downright bonkers and overbuilt.

The video shows the contraption getting dropped off at the shop. It’s incomplete, though work started back in the 1980s and continued through the 90s. However, the owner passed away after allegedly spending over $100,000 into the project, and it was put into storage until the current owner bought it in 2010 on eBay, which sounds like it was the last time it ran. The car features a unique four-rotor setup and a tiny transmission, all of which will see significant upgrades.

Everything is hand-built – from the thick hand-laid fiberglass body panels to the seats and exhaust system. Inside, there’s a bank of buttons on the roof that control a host of functions – fuel pump, lights, ignition, and more – all of which are already wired. There’s a steering wheel, too, though the interior otherwise looks quite spares. The doors aren’t attached, nor do they latch closed. The shop will help turn the carbureted powertrain into a fuel-injected one while also beefing up the gearbox.

It’s a hefty build with a thick chassis, four extra wheels, and two extra axles, though it looks to need significant work to get running again. However, it did run at one point, and seeing it moving again would certainly send some to the hospital with neck pain after it rolls past. Often, these wild, unique builds struggle to find someone to complete them because they’re often a passion project. However, this build’s resemblance to a forgotten 80s Batmobile is just too hard to ignore.


Angel Motorsports / YouTube

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