Watch: Top Gear America Host Dax Shepard on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Top Gear America is very nearly here—it starts streaming January 29 exclusively via the MotorTrend App—which means it’s time to get extremely stoked. Its imminent debut also means the publicity machine has spooled up, with hosts Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry, and Jethro Bovingdon hitting talk shows, radio programs, podcasts, and other forms of media big and small, near and far, to talk everything TGA.

First up, Dax Shepard on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, an appearance you can watch below (the entire interview is worth checking out, but the TGA bit starts at 7:13). Watch this space for other appearances from Dax and his fellow hosts, and be sure to get ready for the premiere by signing up for the MotorTrend App—your free trial includes thousands of hours of car shows like Top Gear AmericaWheeler DealersRoadkill, and a massive collection of Top Gear U.K. episodes.

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