Transport ministry announces single KPP01 theory test for motorcycle/car driving licence, from Sept 15 –

The transport ministry has announced it has implemented a new policy ruling regarding the driver education curriculum (KPP01) course, the first step towards obtaining a motorcycle class or motorcar driving licence (LMM) in the country.

Effective September 15, 2023, any individual who presently has either a motorcycle class or motorcar driving licence (LMM) intending to obtain a LMM in the class different to their existing licence is exempted from attending the KPP01 course and theory test for a second time.

For example, someone who has passed the KPP01 theory test for a motorcycle license does not need to do the KPP01 again when testing for a motorcar driving license, and vice versa.

Candidates are however still required to undergo training related to KPP02 (practical, on circuit) and KPP03 (practical, on road) tests at driving institutions for their respective vehicle classes (motorcycle and motorcar). The age eligibility requirement for licences remains unchanged at 16 for a motorcycle licence and 17 for a motorcar driving licence.

Transport minister Anthony Loke said the curriculum to be taught in driving classes would be merged and applicants would learn the theoretical elements for motorcycle and car handling simultaneously, as The Star reports.

He said it is hoped that the initiative, which was implemented based on public feedback, aims to save time and cost for those wanting to obtain a LMM. “We believe this new ruling will bring benefit to the public as they no longer need to sit for another round of six-hour class just to obtain another licence. We also expect the public to enjoy a saving of RM100 from this ruling,” he said.

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