The Mercedes-Benz EQE Brings Electricity to the E-Class

Where the Mercedes-Benz EQS is a lavish, luxury liner able to whisk you away from your black-tie galas with only the whirr of an electric motor, Mercedes is rolling out the more wallet-friendly sedan aptly named the EQE featuring many of the luxury appointments found in the EQS but in a smaller, less powerful package.

At launch, you’ll only be able to snag rear-drive Mercedes EQE models. The Mercedes EQE 350 sports a 288-hp electric motor that is fed by a 10-cell battery with 90 kWh of useable energy. For those that want all-wheel drive, don’t worry, it’s coming: The 4Matic-equipped EQE will be available down the line with electric motors powering the front and rear axles. Mercedes hasn’t released how much more powerful the 4Matic-equipped EQE will be than the standard model, but we expect it will be closer to the EQS’s 516 hp.

Inside, the massive, optional digital dashboard found on the EQS makes its way to the EQE essentially unchanged. This MBUX Hyperscreen, as Mercedes calls it, will be available just like on the EQS. That means not every model will sport this massive screen, and will otherwise feature an interior more similar to what you currently find in an E-Class.


As for size, it’s expectedly smaller than the flagship EQS. The EQE sports a 3.6-inch shorter wheelbase, which puts the distance between the axles at 122.8-inches. Likewise, overall length is 8.3 inches shorter than an EQS, with a total length of 196.7 inches. For reference, this is slightly longer than the Tesla Model S.

The Mercedes EQE continues to flesh out Benz’s all-electric portfolio. Though, only time will tell if these all-electric Benz sedans and crossovers can carry the legacy of the company’s internal combustion machines. Only time will tell.

Will the Mercedes-Benz EQE live up to the legacy of the E-Class? Let us know your thoughts below.

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