Tesco and Sainsbury’s issue warning to drivers as motorists face fines

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Sainsbury’s and Tesco shoppers have been issued with a warning as they face fines while “just nipping in” to one of their stores, if they park incorrectly. Sainsbury’s warned that drivers who are wrongly using parent and child bays without actually having kids with them could be charged.

The supermarket chain added that its team “regularly monitors” its car parks, Liverpool Echo reported. 

Sainsbury’s said it clearly signposts its parent and child bays, and anyone found to be misusing them could be hit with a parking fine.

It is understood people are also at risk of a PCN if caught using these bays incorrectly at Tesco.

The measures are in place to make it easier for parents to shop and manoeuvre with kids at the same time. 

Most supermarket car parks have designated, larger, spaces for people shopping with children.

These bays allow parents to safely buckle little ones into car seats and fold a pram or buggy, among other things.

But analysis from Confused.com found many people use these bays without actually needing to.

The excuses most often given is that people were “just nipping in” for a few minutes, or because there were no other spaces available.

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As most supermarket car parks are on private property, there are no official Government or council-level rules on these bays.

That means it’s not illegal to park in a parent and child space without a child.

Express.co.uk has contacted Sainsbury’s and Tesco for additional comment. 

The news comes after another parking warning was issued to drivers.

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Motoring experts stressed that the UK might be facing a parking shortage with some cities having less than one parking space per 1,000 cars.

The experts at Moneybarn said: “To get to the bottom of this, we’ve conducted a study to find out which cities have the most available parking, taking one national car park company as an example, as well as seeing where it is most expensive to park your car.

“Other car parks are, of course, available in each city, however, we wanted our study to reflect parking accessibility, too.”

These are the cities where drivers might struggle the most to find a space as they have the smallest number of NCP parking spaces per 1,000 locally registered cars.

Chester – spaces per 1,000 cars: 0.39

Chester has the fewest NCP parking spaces relative to the number of cars in the city at just 0.39 spaces per 1,000 cars.

This means that visitors to Chester could find it very difficult to find a parking space, especially if they do not plan ahead.

Chester is a city known for its Roman heritage, and is also a popular location for its vibrant nightlife, making it a popular destination for a fun weekend away.

Exeter – spaces per 1,000 cars: 1.15

Exeter has the second lowest number of NCP parking spaces per 1,000 cars at 1.15, making it a difficult place to find somewhere to leave the car.

One of the largest cities in the Southwest, and brimming with cultural attractions ranging from the Norman castle to the medieval Underground Passages, Exeter has a lot to offer its visitors and residents alike.

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