Shall I sell my Ford Ecosport S for a brand new Honda City?

The car is perfectly fine for now. Even gives healthy mileage in low traffic Pune conditions (18-20) or on highways 22-24.

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I own a pre loved Ecosport S TDCI purchased in June 2020. It’s a July 2018 make and currently run 33000 kms. It’s doing perfectly fine for now and without any issues or even minor niggles. I also have a 2021 Kia Sonet HTX iMT (turbo petrol)

I had also posted an ownership report about my Ecosport a few months back.

Since in a few months it will turn 5 years old, I am now contemplating whether to keep or sell this car (worried the resale will nosedive post 5 year mark). Reasons to keep or sale-


  • It’s perfectly fine for now. Even gives healthy mileage in low traffic Pune conditions (18-20) or on highways 22-24.
  • Love this car a lot. Still looks like new and in all black shade turns heads !
  • Everything else in the market (10-13 L) feels a downgrade in the built quality, high speed ride and handling departments.
  • The service costs still have been reasonable (done 2 services post Ford left)


  • I am still able to get about the price when I purchased it pre loved! Not sure how long this will stay the same.
  • Been reading news Ford dealerships taken over by Tata, can’t be sure the service will remain same.
  • Able to get a pre loved a low run (28000 kms)great condition Honda City zx CVT (5th gen, late 2020 model) at about ecosport selling price + 3 lakhs. Wise decision?
  • Will the service cost increase a lot in near future? Better sell it off ? What if a major part replacement is needed ?

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

Would suggest retaining the EcoSport S. While the 5th-gen City is a great car, the EcoSport too is among the best Compact SUVs ever sold in India. Vis a vis the City, you get higher ground clearance, diesel fuel economy & your black S variant looks hot!

As any car ages, the ownership costs do increase because of wear & tear. But that’s always cheaper than splurging on a new car.

Here’s what BHPian Blow_Horn_Ok had to say on the matter:

Would suggest to retain it, even if it goes to scrapyard at the end of its life.

  1. You love it and it’s niggle free with low service cost and healthy mileage.
  2. No BS6 rubbish and the best phase of an engine to own.
  3. Nothing good can be bought in the budget you paid for the Ecosport. Either you will have to settle for less powerful petrol or dpf/adblue problem ridden diesels.
  4. The S trim came with considerable amount of goodies.
  5. Safe build with 6 airbags.
  6. Ecosport was a hit and sold in large numbers and there will be no issues with aftermarket parts even if ford shuts its official service centers.

Here’s what BHPian padmajravi had to say on the matter:

I would sell it If I were in the same position. I have had some bad experiences trying to live with a car after Chevrolet exited the market. If you are getting the price you paid for it, this is a good time to exit the relationship. When the manufacturer leaves, the service center experience declines steadily. The number of touchpoints will come down and the remaining ones will try to fleece you. Your resale will come down very quickly once it passes 5 years.

Here’s what BHPian CEF_Beasts had to say on the matter:


You do not get cars like the EcoSport now, period.

The City may give all the passengers the same comfort all around, but it won’t give the FTD feel behind the wheel that the EcoSport gives!

NGL, even-though I sold my EcoSport to upgrade to a BMW, I still miss my EcoSport everyday! In the CSUV segment, nothing even comes close, the steering feel, the handling, the solid tank-like build and the stability at high speeds is simply unmatched out there!

If you plan to upgrade to a Compass, only then sell the EcoSport S, because according to me that is the best upgrade from a EcoSport considering the FTD nature.

Here’s what BHPian gsferrari had to say on the matter:

Had it not been for the uncertainty surrounding Ford’s tenure in the Indian market, I would probably be driving an Ecosport S TDCi right now. Of all the compact SUVs I tested, this was the car that impressed me the most with the way it felt from behind the wheel.

Somehow, inspite of the strong and heavy feel of every body panel, the little Ford felt sprightly and nimble. Out on the highway the steering weighed up nicely, the engine spooled up quickly and the chassis answered every question I asked of it, taking me back to the Fiesta and Icon Rocam/Duratec days.

It is an absolute joy to drive and a perfectly running Ecosport should be treasured. Anything else in that segment will feel like a significant step down in the driving dynamics department. If this isn’t particularly important to you, change can also be good. Do what feels right for you.

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