Petrol and diesel owners ‘furious’ with new changes branded ‘tax on the poor’

High Court ruling allows Sadiq Khan to roll out ULEZ expansion

Petrol and diesel drivers are “steaming furious” over new car tax changes which are forcing vigilantes to take matters into their own hands, according to Brexiteer Richard Tice.

The Reform UK leader branded Sadiq Khan’s new Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) scheme as a “tax on the poor” as he weighed in on a vigilante attack on one of Khan’s cameras.

A masked gang member was spotted pulling down a ULEZ camera in Bromley with just weeks to go before the scheme launches on August 29.

The hooded figure is recorded climbing a lamppost and pulling out a drill in an attempt to unscrew the camera.

The individual is thought to be a member of the Blade Runner group who has vowed to continue attacking the detectors.

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Tice warned individuals would be prompted to take matters into their own hands if politicians refused to listen to the public.

He told Talk TV: “No one condones illegal activity but regrettably what we are seeing is the frustration of ordinary people who see this as a tax on the poor without any justification.

“People are saying enough is enough. If the politicians completely fail to properly represent us then people’s frustration boils over.

“We don’t condone it but regrettably it’s happening here… There’s a number of different areas of life in the UK at the moment where the politicians are failing the people.

“People are saying what is going on, enough is enough and people are just steaming furious and this is the regrettable consequence.”

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A Transport for London (TfL) consultation into ULEZ last year found there wasn’t support for the introduction of the scheme.

A staggering 59 percent of respondents thought it should not be implemented due to affordability concerns.

There were also issues regarding the potential impact on workers and provisions for those with disabilities.

Tice added: “People are trying to send a message through the ballot box whether it was the Tory councillor elected in Cambridge City, whether it was the Tories winning in Uxbridge, specifically a single issue ULEZ election that was.

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“Essentially the message was ULEZ, you lose, and Sadiq Khan hasn’t listened.”

A Mayor of London spokesperson condemned the attack on the Bromley camera as footage circulated on Friday.

They told TalkTV: “It is deeply disappointing to see opposition to a policy being used as an excuse for criminal damage.

“This petty vandalism of London’s essential transport infrastructure is completely unacceptable.”

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