PEKEMA to partner with EV Connection and utilise JomCharge payment solutions for its DCFC network –

Last year, the Malay Vehicle Importers and Traders Association of Malaysia (PEKEMA), in collaboration with the Malaysian Automotive IoT and Robotics Institute (MARii), announced plans to set up a network of 1,000 DC rapid charging stations across the country by 2025.

Since then, around 20 such charging locations have been established, with more set to come about in the future. While initial use of these has largely been free, the association is now gearing towards establishing some returns for its investment.

To this end, it has announced that it has entered into a partnership with electric vehicle charging solutions provider EV Connection to utilise the latter’s JomCharge mobile platform to secure payment for charging via its DC network.

With this, DC chargers under the PEKEMA network will be connected to the Jomcharge platform under EV Connection, and through the Jomcharge app, users will be able to discover and control these chargers and make payments for their charging sessions. Both parties announced the collaboration at the Electric Vehicle Expo (EVx) 2022 over the weekend.

“Through this strategic collaboration between PEKEMA and EV Connection (JomCharge), the association hopes that these solutions will help set the tone for the future, and for EV Connection to take an active role in innovating new and exciting ways to facilitate payments for our consumers. Both parties will ensure that payments happen seamlessly and effortlessly for all involved,” said PEKEMA vice-president Raja Petra Maruddin.

“PEKEMA understands that it needs to develop an infrastructure to shift EVs into the market, and EV Connection is delighted and honoured to partner with PEKEMA for this collaboration with JomCharge. It is definitely a very exciting time on the automotive front, and we look forward to the partnership helping to spur EV adoption in Malaysia,” said EVC CEO Lee Yuen How.

No details were revealed about the price structure or when payment for use would begin, but we will update on this when information becomes available.

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