Motorists urged to use item that costs 3p to run to heat cars

Woolwich resident says petrol prices are 'astronomical'

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With winter fast approaching and tempertaures starting to drop, thousands of drivers across the UK will choose to heat their cars. However, many of them will be conscious of the fact that turning on the heating may increase their fuel consumption in the middle of a fuel crisis. 

The latest RAC Fuel Watch indicates that motorists can expect to pay 162.32p per litre of unleaded and 180.45p per litre of diesel on average. 

With that in mind, experts at Select Car encouraged drivers to purchase an item that costs 3p to run and warms up the car. 

The tip is to use a cheap electric blanket which costs around £14 to buy.

After the initial purchase, they only cost approximately 3p an hour to run, equalling around £1.37 if used for seven hours a day.

With this in mind, placing blankets across the seats will help produce heat inside the vehicle and minimise the defrosting process in the morning.

Drivers can buy electric blankets that actually plug straight into the car’s cigarette lighter terminal to keep them comfortable until the car warms up.

Graham Conway, Managing Director at Select Car said: “On frosty cold mornings, many drivers will wake up extra early to whack the heating up in their car.

“Whilst this won’t consume a significant amount of fuel, it can actually shorten the life of your engine.

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“After having your vehicle in the cold overnight and then warming it up, this can cause extra fuel can go into the combustion chamber, which can leak onto your cylinder walls.

“Too much fuel on your cylinder walls can in fact dissolve the oil that keeps the cylinders lubricated, leading to damage to crucial components.

“Instead of leaving your car to heat first thing in the morning, it’s advised you keep the vehicle warm overnight, taking the strain off the vehicle and making mornings less stressful.”

Experts at Car Lease Special Offers added that drivers can make use of a number of simple household items to prevent the build-up.

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The night before, drivers are advised to pour a mixture of three parts vinegar to one part water onto the windshield and windows.

When they wake up in the morning, drivers should be greeted with a clear windscreen.

The experts at Car Lease Special Offers have described it as a “miracle 95p car clean hack”.

As the weather gets colder, National Highways will be up and down the country gritting the roads and footpaths.

This can end up causing the carpet in the car to become dirty and have white salt residue left behind.

Motorists should use a mixture of equal part water to white wine vinegar in a spray bottle onto the affected fabric and dab it with something soft like a tea towel.

In winter, drivers will sometimes experience a build-up of something that is making the windscreen look hazy and like it has a film covering it.

To combat this, drivers can put some white wine vinegar into a spray bottle and dilute it slightly with some water.

Spray this on the windscreen and wipe it off, and the haze should be removed instantly.

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