Man wowed by hidden feature drivers can use if their key fob stops working

A social media influencer has highlighted a trick that many motorists do not know their car key is capable of.

The TikTok user Cong, who goes by the username @conggeshuoche, regularly posts tutorials on how drivers can get the most out of their vehicles.

In one of his latest videos, Cong explained how drivers can safely open their cars when their key fob suddenly stops working.

He said: “There is a mechanical key hidden inside. It can be taken out with just a swipe.

“Then find this little hole under the doorknob, and gently pry. You can see the lock cylinder. With a slight twist the door opens.”

Many modern cars have a physical keyhole in the doors, which is hidden underneath a compartment on the door handles.

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Later in the video, Cong also highlighted that a key fob with a flat battery will leave drivers unable to start their car in the usual way.

However, the influencer revealed that drivers are still able to start cars with keyless entry, by following another simple tip.

He explained: “Generally there is an induction zone under the steering wheel. Stick the key on it and restart.”

TikTok users were quick to thank Cong for the video, which has already received almost 140,000 views.

One user commented: “Wow what a useful trick. I am going to save this for the future.”

Another joked: “Why am I watching this even though I don’t have a car?”

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However, whilst many motorists have benefitted from this trick, Hugo Griffiths, consumer editor for the car retailer Carwow, noted that drivers should make sure their car has this feature before trying it for themselves.

He explained: “I love viral content like this: it shares esoteric knowledge that came come in really handy in an emergency – but there are some caveats to bear in mind.

“First, while it’s true that almost every car with remote keyless locking will have a physical emergency key, how you access both this and the keyhole in the car will vary from vehicle to vehicle.”

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