‘I’m a car mechanic – you should never buy cars from one country’

A car mechanic has gone viral after issuing a warning about vehicles made in a country where manufacturers are very poorly paid for their work. Auto aficionado Scotty Kilmer has acquired a legion of over five million followers on YouTube since sharing his pearls of wisdom with car fanatics.

The popular TikToker, who boasts a staggering 800,000 followers on the platform, has seen his popularity grow leaps and bounds on other social media sites too. A number of car experts are going viral for sharing their tips and hacks like one man who was astonished to find a hidden part of his car he’d never used.

The knowledgeable car mechanic recently offered new guidance in explaining why certain cars from Mexico should be avoided at all costs. His 55 years of experience in the field have taught him one thing about purchasing vehicles from Mexico, he explained in a recent clip.

The country has become a leader in the car manufacturing industry, providing thousands of jobs to workers paid terrible salaries.

The auto workers’ low wages give them a lower advantage in the manufacturing industry and this is reflected in the quality of vehicles. In a clip that’s amassed more than 46,000 likes, Kilmer pointed out that the workers were typically paid a mere $6,85 for a 12-hour shift.

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“Today I’m going to talk about the downfall of general motor (GM) vehicles,” Kilmer told viewers in the clip. “They made them pretty good back then.

“But many of the modern GM vehicles are made in Mexico where some of the workers are paid £6 for a 12-hour work day – not per hour. They’re not lowering the price to you they’re just increasing their profits.

The mechanic went on: “I have to say, the old ones are great [but] the new ones? I have customers that said I’ll never buy another after that last one I got.”

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This is not the first time Kilmer has advised car buyers against products of a particular kind, as he was recently flooded with praise after guiding viewers on the purchase of second-hand cars.

In the recent video, the mechanic warned against buying other second items by Chrysler, claiming that “every mechanic knows are some of the worst made vehicles out there”.

Instead, the mechanic highlighted that the best investment one could make is the 2011 Toyota Camry when buying second-hand, due to its unparalleled reliability.

The cars, with their spacious interior, sold out rapidly when they first came out due to the quality of their making, explained Kilmer.

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