How to get pollution tests done on hybrid cars which idle in EV mode?

Important question and one likely to come up often as hybrid options increase.

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Since the car runs mostly on battery when idling, how is one supposed to get the pollution testing done on hybrids?

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Chetan_Rao stated: Important question, and one likely to come up often as Hybrid options increase. There are ongoing regulatory reviews in the EU to reconsider how plug-in hybrids are tested for emissions, as well. Source.

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All Toyota Hybrids have something called a Maintenance Mode. You need to enable this to force the engine to run.

Check your vehicle manual for this procedure or ask a service technician how this is done.

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This is explained well in the Maruti Invicto user manual:

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How to do emission test for strong hybrid:

  • Start the car and put in P
  • Depress the accelerator pedal a few times and keep pressing lightly so the engine doesn’t go off
  • Let the emission centre guy finish the reading by putting the sensor in the exhaust pipe
  • Switch off and collect the certificate.

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