Drivers urged to ‘think twice’ as motorists have cars stolen by robots

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Drivers could have their cars stolen by remote-controlled robots for failing to follow driving laws.

Social media videos have filmed robots snatching vehicles that have been parked illegally or had no valid ticket.

The machines have been deployed in the UK as part of a new trial to clamp down on motorists breaking the law.

The robot, simply named Eastract, is owned by towing firm Recovery North West (RNW).

A stunning clip filmed by TikTok user @heidijaervi shows the bot lifting a Volvo SUV off the ground.

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The vehicle is secured to the front before the droid does a 180-degree spin and drives off.

As well as roaming the streets of Liverpool, the device has also been spotted in multi-story car parks as it can remove vehicles easily in tightly packed spaces.

The decide can carry a staggering 5,500lbs, around the weight of two Ford Fiesta saloon cars.

Tim Alcock, spokesman for LeaseCar.UK explained: “Rolling out robots nationwide to deal with the parking problem should make dodgy drivers think twice before parking in disabled spaces illegally or dumping their cars and overstaying their welcome.

“The robots can carry huge weights and are able to manoeuvre in tightly restricted spaces, so are perfect to deal with nuisance drivers.”

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Each Eastract machine is understood to cost around £75,000.

Terry Gallimore, director of Recovery North West, has admitted the models were “working flat-out, seven days a week.”

He told The Times: “It can literally go anywhere. We love it and it’s a massive selling point for our company.”

Chiefs claim the machine causes minimal damage to vehicles it carries away compared to more traditional towing concepts.

Alcock has urged drivers to ensure they are following the rules at all times to avoid being caught out by the contraption.

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He added: “Drones are currently being used to deal with dangerous driving by Devon and Cornwall police forces, so with the robotic industry growing, we can expect more innovations like Eastract to be introduced across the UK.

“Drivers should be extra cautious when parking, especially in multi-storey car parks and when in the northwest travelling around Liverpool, where the scheme is currently being trialled.

“To avoid being put in a situation where your car is being towed away by a robot you must make sure to follow the parking rules that have been displayed and pay for the correct ticket.”

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