Dodge Says a Battery-Electric Muscle Car Is Coming in 2024

There is a lot of electrification news coming out of the Stellantis EV Day. Dodge, not one to be left out of the conversation, isn’t hedging its bets on a lifetime of 6.2-liter, supercharged V8-powered machines. No, even Dodge knows electrification is coming. That’s why the company teased an all-electric muscle machine ahead of the car’s prospective 2024 launch.

The still nameless battery-electric muscle car could revive another legacy product from the heyday of Mopar muscle, or it could sit atop the hierarchy of Dodge’s current Charger and Challenger lineup. While it’s too soon to tell what Dodge will name the new car, the company did show exactly what it will be: wild.

The teaser above shows a sleek, muscular car doing a four-wheel burnout. That should quell any muscle car fan’s doubt over this new machine’s power. It’ a compelling display, but we won’t know how much power is being transferred to the wheels of this all-electric Dodge until closer to its official launch.

The idea of a muscular EV is an exciting one. Ford has shown that the Mustang Mach-E can thoroughly shred tires, albeit with a few modifications. The performance-oriented Tesla models are also holding their own on drag strips around the country. Regardless, we’re excited to see something new hop out of the Dodge lineup.

Do you think that Dodge will revive a storied Chrysler corporation nameplate like the Coronet or Fury, or add this to the Charger and Challenger lineup? Let us know your thoughts below.

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