‘Daylight robbery!’ Drivers react with fury to Sadiq Khan’s latest car tax plans

Sadiq Khan on reaching net zero by 2030

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After London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed he is considering not just another extension to London’s ULEZ zone but also smart roads that charge drivers by the mile, car owners have unleashed their anger at the plans.

Despite motorists in the capital already facing the congestion charge and the ULEZ, Mr Khan also spoke this week of his desire to levy a new daily fee of around £2 to drive in London.

He said: “I envisage [it] being a small sum of money that would be used to nudge the behaviour of the vast majority who haven’t got the cleanest vehicles.

“I suspect the scheme that TfL may come up with is anybody who has not got an electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle may have to pay this clean air charge.

“I would imagine the sort of thing TfL would be looking at is: what is the cost of a bus fare?”

Express.co.uk readers reacted with anger to the proposals, taking issue with a number of factors including car drivers being used as a source of revenue.

Commenter ‘Elite’ wrote: “The ULEZ as well as the congestion charge is nothing more than a scam and daylight robbery.

“Motorists are sick and tired of being used as a cash cow to substitute TfL, public transport, cycle lanes etc etc and Sadiq’s astronomical spending on waste of time projects – he is the worst Mayor that London has ever had.”

“Such a true comment, very well put,” replied ‘Tiddler’.

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‘Broken Britain’ added: “I used to do a lot of business in London but gradually over the years I stopped going in. Khan has made it the most unwelcoming city in Europe.”

While ‘it’s them, not me’ said: “When the shops, cafes, restaurants start closing in London, he will have killed off the income from business rates, as nobody can afford to visit.”

That was echoed by ‘Cano’ who wrote: “Khan is turning London into a Communist state, restricting freedoms of choice, installing his own will and ideals on the people of London.”

And other readers were upset with what they perceived as hypocrisy from the Mayor.

‘Miniminer’ fumed: “Time for Khan to lead by example and sell all council cars including his own and only use public transport, a cycle, foot power or the infernal scooter.

“He is no different from anybody else. He should personally pay his charges and not the taxpayer.”

‘Bellona’ agreed, saying: “I love that photograph of Khan with his bicycle. He usually has his chauffeur driven Range Rover parked around the corner.

“Plus another Range Rover for his security. What a hypocrite.”

Elsewhere however one popular comment saw a reader place the blame at the feet of voters.

‘Sam the man’ wrote: “Who cares what he does, it serves them right the people of London voted him in.”

That prompted an angry reaction from ‘Phones11’ who claimed: “NO We DIDN’T, Khan did very well in predominantly ethnic areas. I would’ve voted for Mr Blobby over this clown.”

Currently, anyone driving through London faces the £15 congestion charge, plus an additional £12.50 if their vehicle doesn’t meet ULEZ restrictions.

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