Continental ComfortContact CC7 launched in Malaysia –

Following the introduction of the UltraContact UC7, Continental Tyres has now officially launched the new ComfortContact CC7 for the Asia Pacific region, which includes Malaysia. The CC7 is the latest in the Generation 7 range of tyres and was developed based on the company’s Comfort+ Technology that encompasses ‘ZEN’.

This approach is reflected in the design of the CC7’s sidewall, which features distinctive patterns as well as easter eggs such as a quaver (musical note) and small ‘CC7’ scripts. Aesthetic changes aside, the CC7 improves upon its predecessor, the CC6, by delivering better handling, wet braking, dry braking and fuel efficiency.

The ‘Z’ in ‘ZEN’ refers to the CC7’s Zero Shock Pattern that is aimed at reducing bumpiness with a unique tread pattern design consisting of a continuous rib structure and sipes. Meanwhille, ‘E’ points to the EverFlex Compound, developed to be soft and flexible in order to adapt better to rough road surfaces.

The EverFlex Compound also promotes long tyre life and helps lower vibration and harshness, which, together with noise, make up NVH, the typical measure of a tyre’s comfort parameters.

This leads to ‘N’, which is the CC7’s Noise Muter that consists of Noise Breaker 3.0 – protruding elements along the tyre grooves that break up sound waves into smaller ones. The pattern surface also features noise-absorbing chambers that works on the principle of the Helmholtz resonator, drawing in air waves and absorbing noise frequencies before they can exit.

The ‘ZEN’ technologies on the CC7 were developed by a global team of over 30 engineers and experts who spent more than 7,500 hours designing, simulating, building and prototype testing. The development of the tyre, which arrives seven years after the CC6 was introduced in 2016, also saw 500 tests being carried out in various road and lab conditions, covering enough distance to circle the planet seven times over.

“Through our understanding of the market, we know that a key criterion for drivers in Asia Pacific is comfort, as compared to their Western and European counterparts. As a result, Continental has established a reputation across our Asia-dedicated line of products for tyres that are quieter and more comfortable. The ComfortContact CC7 represents our flagship product in the comfort segment,” said Dalibor Kalina, head of replacement tyres Asia Pacific.

“Given the distinct requirements of different customer bases as well as the demand of innovative technology, we dig deep to understand the needs of drivers in Malaysia and create a product to fulfill these requirements,” commented Andrea Somorova, managing director of Continental Tyre Malaysia.

The CC7 is available from 13- to 16-inch tyre size fitments with widths of between 165 and 215 mm as well as tyre aspect ratios ranging from 50 to 70. The tyre is produced at Continental’s plants in Alor Setar, Malaysia as well as Rayong in Thailand.

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