BMW X3 M40i: My experience using an $8 polish & the surprising result

This is liquid based and not wax based polish. Also, it’s cheap and costed just $7.79.

BHPian mobike008 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

It’s been 23 months that Blau Rakete (BR) is serving me unselfishly and I was a bad master and never gave her any special treats.

There was a time during the initial days it was washed once a month (Here in US, you don’t need car washes that often unless you live in areas where environment is dusty, rainy or snowy most of the year).

I lived in Snowy region before so I had a religious washing routine and now live in a rainy region and the washes have drastically reduced as it gets naturally cleaned on a regular basis.

After a long time, last Friday afternoon was little slow at work and also wanted to get myself some exercise so decided to give the BR a nice once-over with a new polish that I ordered a few weeks ago.

From the maze of polishes available, this one had the best reviews on Amazon and people are swearing by it and say they literally use it once a year (some maybe 2-3 times a year) and shine lasts for a long time.

Primary reason being this is liquid based and not wax based. Also, it’s cheap and costed just $7.79.

As I had an hour to spare and wanted to experiment this product. I just cleaned the car with a wet cloth and after it dried, I applied the polish liberally panel-by-panel and waited for it to dry for 15 mins.

Then I buffed with a fresh cloth in circular motion and results were phenomenal. Not sure if the pictures give the right impression but, the whole car was shining like a mirror.

I would think of this as a slightly hurried job. Next time, I plan to wash the car and do a better job.

For now, let the pictures do the talking.



Can you spot the Tesla charger in the side profile?

Shine was mirror-like. Super impressed with results even with such a hurried job.

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