Bicycle With Snowplow Clears Sidewalks Using Electric, Pedal Power

The recent bomb cyclone blanketed much of the US and Canada with snow, making it difficult to get around. Sidewalks and bike paths were particularly treacherous and usually among the last areas cleared. But one man from Victoria, British Columbia, found a novel solution in the form of a bicycle snowplow. 

Last year, Philip Marciniak added a snowplow blade to an electric cargo bike. To his amazement, it worked surprisingly well. He then modified the design with a split plow or V-plow and took it out for a quick spin in a recent storm. That spin turned into an adventure; Marciniak had so much fun with the bicycle snowplow he decided to ride it downtown, using it to grab Vietnamese food for dinner. 

The sight of a bicycle clearing sidewalks and bike lanes led to considerable reactions from motorists and pedestrians alike. People reacted with disbelief and laughter, pointing as the snowplow threw a wave of snow, clearing a wide path. However, the effectiveness of Marciniak’s invention quickly proved its worth as more than a curiosity.

The interest in environmental sustainability and the desire for better health has led many people to take up bicycling. It’s also spurred the growth of electric bicycles, whether a home-built dragster or ones available from Walmart. Even motorcycle companies like Ducati are getting on the electric bike action. There isn’t a shortage of options, except when it comes to riding in the wintertime.       

A few years ago, Marciniak started a company called Sustain-A-Waive to make electric cargo bikes. He also makes his living repairing appliances and uses an electric bike as his primary mode of transportation. During the winter, he often found himself wishing someone would clear the bike lanes, leading him to the snowplow idea. Given its effectiveness and the attention it’s received, he will hopefully plow some money into producing his invention, clearing a path for others to follow.  

Source: CBC Vancouver via YouTube

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