Alpine A110 R priced from £90k

911 money for the ultimate Alpine; the Alonso is quite a bit more, too…

By Matt Bird / Friday, 2 December 2022 / Loading comments

The Alpine A110 R was never going to be a cheap car. Not only does it stand to be the final combustion powered Alpine sports car, it’s also loaded to the gunwales with expensive bits – think carbon panels and seats, new coilover suspension and the aero bits. Add to that a bit of F1 team kudos, plus the fact that an A110 S can get to £70k with some options, and it was all pointing to a lot of money.

The R is £90k. There you go. Or £89,990 on the configurator. Add another £6,000 for the matt Racing Blue the car was first revealed in, too. Interestingly the normal A110 colours are available (Deep Black is the only no cost paint) and it’ll be no surprise to find the R looks brilliant in all of them, Fire Orange in particular. Additional options for R buyers include the Focal premium audio system (£575), floormats with the Alpine logo (£120), a £500 Storage Pack and electrically adjustable, heated mirrors for £200. So, it isn’t quite possible to spend £100k on an Alpine A110 R, but you can get jolly close.

Then there’s the Fernando Alonso, the even more limited-edition version of the Radical A110. Though the option to ‘build yours’ is there on the configurator, it’s not clear how many of the 32 cars are coming to the UK. You’d have to imagine that they’ll be spoken for pretty quickly, even at an asking price of, um, £129,440. And you thought the old Megane Trophy R was a lot of money. For what is, at official RRPs at least, just a couple of grand less than a GT3, Alonso buyers will get that £6k matt Racing Blue paint as standard. There’s no other colour choice, in fact. The same storage pack and stereo upgrade are available, though, meaning there will be some Fernando Alonso Editions at more than £130,000. Yikes. Still, ought to be a fun M4 CSL twin test.

With prices out there and the A110 Rs on the configurator, we’re hopefully not too far from these cars as a production reality. Should be quite some farewell to an incredible sports car. Hands up now who’s placing an order…

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