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Le Violon Rouge is the Virtual Art Gallery dedicated to artists who wish to showcase and sell their  original works of art whether they be paintings, sculptures, artistic furniture, jewellery, etc. Artists exhibit their works and sell through the Gallery. Payments done through our website are completely secure.

Le Violon Rouge Art Gallery is the trustworthy intermediary between the Client and the Seller and guarantees that transactions are trouble-free, quick and safe. After the membership approval to the Gallery, the Artist will be provided with a password to access the control panel in order to manage their Web page. Managing your webpage has never been this easy! A few clicks and you can start selling your art today! If managing your own page isn’t for you, the Gallery also offers full management of the artist's web page. We’ll take care of setting you up so you can start selling your artwork now!  Seize this opportunity to be seen worldwide by thousands of potential buyers daily! Start selling your artwork today!
My Sales!

The Client makes a selection and pays Le Violon Rouge Art Gallery through PayPal, a recognized secure payment system.
The Seller is informed by Le Violon Rouge Art Gallery of the order and is sent 50% of the price of the sold work.
The Seller confirms the sale and is responsible for the shipping of the work to the Client.
The Gallery will contact the Client  to acknowledge receipt of  the item.  Following confirmation, Le Violon Rouge Art Gallery will then send the Seller the balance of the amount due, minus the commission of Le Violon Rouge Art Gallery.
I'm Here!
Registration as a Seller is strictly reserved  for artists. Each artist has his or her own page on the Le Violon Rouge Art Gallery web site. The artist’s page must be approved by management before going online, which takes place immediatly following approval.


   Managed by the  Artist Managed by the Gallery
Number of artists per page 1 1
Maximum number of the works Unlimited 20
Online purchasing set-up Included Included
Commission  5% 10%
Posting of biography, exhibitions and awards Yes Yes
Posting in French and English Yes Yes
Set-up cost $25.00 (16€)  $40.00 (25€)
Search engine registration (Google, Yahoo, etc.) , internal and external directories, Internet publicity Included Included
Management space for portfolio  Yes No
Number of replacements or deletions of works per year Unlimited Unlimited
Technical support and follow-up by email  Included Included
Cost per month $8.80 (5,50€)  $11.50 (7€) 
Cost per year (one payment - 2 months free) $88.00 (55€) $110.50 (70€) 
Cost for 2 years (one payment - 5 months free) $167.20 (104.5€) $218.50 (133€)
Page translation by Le Violon Rouge Art Gallery $ 0.20 / word   .15€ /word Included


Become a Member
You have now established which package will best suite your needs.  To become a member, follow these two easy steps.
Step 1
Click on the appropriate Paypal Button to pay your set up fees. 
For Management carried out by the Artist, click here:
For Management carried out by the Gallery, click here:
Stage 2
Once your one-time set-up fees paid, Paypal will give you your membership options, monthly, annually, or for the greatest economy, one payment covering a 2 year period.  Follow the onscreen instructions for an easy secure transaction.
Monthly Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time through Paypal.