Sculpteur George , France

GEORGE, creator of visual identity & sculptress, graduated from Lyon’s École Nationale des Beaux-Arts (in 1992), with optional art and communication. This is how she could improve her technical skills to adapt later to media such as photography, video, 2D and 3D pictures and painting. She also got to know various communication tools that allowed her to work on various projects.
- Creation of a virtual public place at the 9th documenta of Kassel "Piazza Virtuale".
This event was created in 1995, and represents the current trends in contemporary art and offers both space and the impetus that are required to set up new concepts.  This is one of the world’s most important exhibition for contemporary art.
- Making of tales with composite images that were selected at the European Festival of infography (Festival Européen d’Infographie) in Montreuil and by Apple Computer, Inc. Shown at the Centre d’Échange Lyonnais d’Art Contemporain (ÉLAC) and  Beaux-Arts in Paris... (1997)
- Exhibition at Sanary-sur-Mer (VAR), “le Vent des Arts “with « Wind and Fantasy as a theme.  During this event, art spreads across the city and turns it to a stage where the visitor can become the passenger of a dream journey to the world of fantasy. GEORGE has exhibited her creations and has taken part to the production of this meeting between artists and art lovers.
GEORGE has elaborated her curriculum to make it a research and experimentation laboratory with a keen eye on contemporary artistic reality
6 years ago, GEORGE had decided to model nature and material until both meet.
Her inspiration leads her to try and give life to the slender silhouettes that inhabit her imaginary world.
She wants to them to be the symbol of her quest for a feminine ideal via beauty and timelessness.
To give a shape to her ideal, she has chosen to work with bronze.
This noble and precious material gives her creations a sensual touch that reveals the woman’s shapes in all her plenitude.
To explore her art and her creative passion thoroughly, GEORGE has installed her workshop in Italy, the country of the greatest sculptors of the Renaissance era. In this country, the beautiful architecture was also a source of inspiration for her artistic heart and soul. She chose to settle down in Lucca where several foundries still attract the best sculptors in the peninsula.
Her works... Imagining a relation with the world.
Through her creations GEORGE uses the rare gift of hers to reveal the plenitude of women. In her sculptures that bear the stamp of primitive and dreamt sensuality, the shapes exquisitely highlight the lace folds.

Her bronze sculptures are a symbol of existence and soul language. Éva, Mademoiselle,  Salomé and  St-Elme... represent such rare and fleeting moments of grace where one feels tuned with the word.

In addition to sensuality, there is in GEORGE’s works a world that lies between poetry and metaphysics, halfway between Tim BURTON and GIACOMETTI.  In her works, there are echoes of fantasy, with characters like the Sylphides, whose spirits are said to inhabit our woods. Her sensitivity is most peculiar.

This way, GEORGE has from her very beginnings taken inspiration from botany to shape and illustrate her dreams. Nature being an essential component of her creation, sculpture matches perfectly her desires since it offers a special dimension that involves what she considers as the most noble sense: TOUCHING AND FEELING

... This way, her creations have found the balance and lightness that characterize her works so well.

Sculpteur George St-Elme
11.02" X 17.32"
12870 $CAD

Sculpteur George Eva  Sculpture Award L'Hivernal of Lyon Jan 2008
Eva Sculpture Award L'Hivernal of Lyon Jan 2008
7.09" X 28.74"
12870 $CAD

Sculpteur George Daphné
" X 34.25"
27225 $CAD

Sculpteur George Salomé
30.31" X 15.75"
10230 $CAD

Sculpteur George Reminisence
1.77" X 9.84"
5115 $CAD

Sculpteur George Poetry of Sences « Lions Clubs International » Jury's  Award February 2008
Poetry of Sences « Lions Clubs International » Jury's Award February 2008
8.66" X 12.99"
4125 $CAD

Sculpteur George Moerani, Celestial Dream
Moerani, Celestial Dream
10.63" X 15"
4125 $CAD

Sculpteur George Manueta,The Sacred Bird
Manueta,The Sacred Bird
7.87" X 14.57"
4125 $CAD

Sculpteur George Mademoiselle
6.30" X 8.66"
6435 $CAD

Sculpteur George I Kissed the Dawn of Summer
I Kissed the Dawn of Summer
3.54" X 8.66"
5775 $CAD

Sculpteur George I Would Write Silence
I Would Write Silence
7.87" X 13"
4125 $CAD