Mireille Dubois , France

Mireille Dubois-Vanhove, a Belgian artist who draws and paints since her most tender childhood. After studies in accounting, Mireille marries and immigrates to Congo where she will live for thirty years. Once there, she opens a ceramics and painting workshop and researches enamels at high temperature and watercolours “wet on wet”. Through her watercolours and ceramics which are all unique pieces of art, Mireille Dubois-Vanhove raises the veil on the idyllic decor of Africa, by presenting the misery of these forgotten people, these private children derived of everything, and the courage of the African woman. Her work is poignant and marks the spectators. The body of work of Mireille Dubois-Vanhove conveys a unique artistic signature, which one recognizes at the very first glance with the harmonies of tone specific to the African continent. Her approach is human. She touches the heart. Some say that she translates with much tenderness the expression of the children and adults exceeded by their own distress.  All spectators who’ve had contact with one of Mireille Dubois-Vanhove works remain marked on the same basis as “Le Cri” by Munch. It is true that one cannot remain insensitive to the message conveyed through her work done with a spontaneous and fluid stroke. One feels the ardour of the feeling and this richness of the experience of the sob or the laughter. The composition is tight, centered on the single subject, without artifice. The choice of watercolour is suitable, with its naturally immaculate background. One finds subtlety, sensitivity, the African atmosphere in all of her works. A poetic realism well adapted in light. In addition to watercolour, Mireille Dubois-Vanhove also carves small characters perched on dishes of special enamels. Upon her return to Belgium, she creates her workshop in Nimy and exhibits regularly in the area. Today, she lives and works in Belgium

Mireille Dubois So Strong Yet so Vulnerable
So Strong Yet so Vulnerable
16.14" X 22.05"
Watercolour and Collage
825 $CAD

Mireille Dubois All Concerned
All Concerned
22.05" X 16.14"
Watercolour and Collage
825 $CAD

Mireille Dubois Shattered Childhood
Shattered Childhood
22.05" X 16.14"
Watercolour and Collage
825 $CAD

Mireille Dubois Nothing Stops the Women
Nothing Stops the Women
22.05" X 16.14"
Watercolour and Collage
825 $CAD

Mireille Dubois The Future is Us
The Future is Us
16.14" X 22.05"
Watercolour and Collage
825 $CAD

Up until 1992
French Cultural Center of Lubumbashi
Lebrun Gallery of Lubumbashi

1993 - Creation of workshop in Nimy (Belgique)
1994 -Cultural Center of Nimy/Mons
1995 - Gallery du Parc à Fayt-lez-Manage
1996 - Cultural Center of Braine-le-comte - reeived Hermes Award
1997 - Oder à Charleroi
1998 - Cultural Center of Braine-le-comte - 
1999 - Cultural Center of Nimy/mons
2000 - Cultural Center of Jurbise/mons
2005 - Gallery du Dragon à Mons
2006 - Gallery Dominium à Beersel
        2008     Gallery Patenier à Namur - Galerie Art et Miss à Paris (exhibit “Visions d’Afrique” et “L’art au féminin)
2009 - Galerie Art et Miss à Paris (”L’art au féminin”) - exhibit planned for april

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