Sophie Devignot , France

Born on November 12, 1969 in Moret Sut Loing, city of impressionists such as Sisley, Monet and Pissarro, Sophie Devignot carries out her first paintings at the age of thirteen. Impassioned by drawing and painting, it is in 1994 that she obtains her Masters in Art.

After having tested several techniques, Sophie finds that the best expression of her work is achieved through colouring pencils or oil-based paint which  today, remains her  medium of choice. After obtaining various awards, it is in 2002 that she is  recognized as an artist. Sophie is member of Adagp and is part of the Italian Painting Academy

“I enjoy painting fruits, portraits and scenes, with fidelity”. Sophie Devignot

Sophie Devignot In Yellow
In Yellow
11.5" X 16.54"
Coloured pencils on Paper
180 $CAD

Sophie Devignot Wibell
11.81" X 9.84"
Oil on Canvas
1900 $CAD

Sophie Devignot Little Peas
Little Peas
4" X 4"
Oil on Canvas
180 $CAD

Sophie Devignot The Marmandes
The Marmandes
11.81" X 9.84"
Oil on Canvas
1300 $CAD

Sophie Devignot Boum
9.3" X 11.5"
Pastel on Velvet
150 $CAD